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Ahh, memories


Remember this guy? I wonder what happened to the guy…

This might have been one of the first flash videos to go viral. Who knows…

So I got to reading my old blog zacfoo.TYPEPAD.com and realized that I was pretty profligate in my writing. I had a lot of stuff. The content wasn’t that bad either.  Except for the reoccurring theme of BJU in there. You see, I was going to school there at that time and school consumed much of what I was doing, thinking about, etc.  Add in a dose of infamy and you get some pretty interesting stuff.

Aside from the BJU stuff, I was apparently pretty gung-ho about God back then; I definitely talked it up on the blog. Looking back, though, I think a lot of it was posturing, posting about God and religion and stuff.  It didn’t seem like much of it was personal.  Different times.

I’ll write later about some of the changes that have happened.  There have been many.

**DOH, here I go writing about personal stuff… I thought I said I wasn’t gonna do that. Oh well, guess I’m gonna be personal after all. You probably shouldn’t mind. Right?

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